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What Flavor Ice Cream Are You?

Posted on 2008.07.06 at 22:01


Amasstapeace Video Shoot

Posted on 2008.01.27 at 21:57
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We Attended a "FREEKEN AWESOME" Video Shoot for one of my favorite Locals





The Game!!!!

Posted on 2007.10.25 at 23:48
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GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!


How Massachussetts Are You?

Posted on 2007.04.25 at 20:33
You Are 76% Massachusetts

You're pretty Massachusetts, but you're starting to slip. Go eat a bulky roll and flip off a New Yorker.
How Massachusetts Are You?



Posted on 2007.04.19 at 23:20
Finally the sun has come out!!!!!!!

Posted on 2006.11.18 at 23:33
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You Were a Coyote

Brutally honest, you encourage people to show their true selves.
You laugh at life - none of it can be taken too seriously.
What Animal Were You In a Past Life?

Posted on 2006.09.29 at 23:42

I love this Guy.

Posted on 2006.07.27 at 00:44


My Precious Kitty

Posted on 2006.07.27 at 00:30

Here is a Picture of my precious Boots. This was when she was around 7 years old. She passed away at the age of 18 years. Though I didn't adopt her until she was 4. She was sickly at the time and nobody wanted her.

She was a Feral cat, and would not come out from under my bed for over a week. I used to crawl under there with her until had trust in me. She was very tolerent of people though she would not go to anyone but myself.

She never caused me any problems, Unlike her brother Simba. LOL He is another story. She stayed by my side no matter what I did. She was always under my feet.

I knew her time was coming and when I found her, I knew she was at peace and I wasn't going to have her put down before her time. She did not suffer. Though she was getting frail she could still climb up on me up until her last day.

She will never be forgotten. I was always taught since I was a young child that though we wish they could live as long as us, It just doesn't work that way. She lived 18 years. God Bless Her!!!


For Best Tanning Results

Posted on 2006.07.19 at 22:22
Don't waste money on expensive tanning lotions that say you can have a beautiful tan.

Take a bottle of Johnson's Baby Oil and add One Drop of Iodine.

Rub it all over for the greatest tan this summer.

My mother gave me that tip and it works AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

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